Monday, August 20, 2007

PBP 2007 - Event Preparation

The event begins in a little under 6 hours tomorrow morning at 0500. Here are some somewhat random thoughts on my event preparation. The PBP, an ultracycling event (1200k in 84 hours) might be better described as an ultradecision making event.

Time limt; There are 3 time limits to select from; 80, 84, and 90. I selected 84 so I could grab some sleep Monday night.The 90 group leaves at 10:00pm Monday and the 84 on tues. am. Caught three hours earlier tonight. Now blogging till I get drowsy.

Another reason for the 84 start is that 25 percent of the participants start at that time, it should be less crowded.

Pedal/shoe system-I have been riding speedplay X series pedals for 10 years. The only problem, they are hard to walk around in. With control stops and spending 3 days in the same pair of shoes, I opted for my Speedplay Mountian Frog system. Recessed cleats allow to to use a more normal shoe that is easier to move around in and easy to clip in and out.

Storage system- I selected the Moots Tailgator for my rear rack and and old Novara handlebar pannier for my front bag. This was the best configuration after lots of experiments on the brevets.

Novara Front
Food-10 gels, 9 ensure powder, 4 shot blocks (will reload at Loudeac each way).
Meds-Electrolyte tabs, tums, advil, prilosec, & chocolate covered coffee beans
Glasses-clear, sun, & reading
Lotions-diaper lotion, udder cream, spf40

Moots rear- safety blanket/bag, vest, arm&leg warmers, LS jersey, gloves, balaclava, minipump and repair kit.

Repair kit:2 tubes and CO2, tire boots, tire irons, mini tool(alien), mini pliers, derailleur cable, can opener, quick ties, duct tape.