Sunday, October 24, 2010

EOP Ride

Yesterday the San Tan team rode to the End of Pavement (EOP) east of Tortilla Flats. The weather was perfect and 6 of us made the round trip from the Paragon Bike shop in Mesa.

Its exactly 50 miles from my house to the EOP, and Paragon is right on the way, so I was able to get in a nice century ride by riding to and from the shop to join the ride.

It takes about an hour to ride to the shop, so I left the house with lights on at 6 am. The weather has finally turned cool, so I also added a few layers as well.

We pressed out of Paragon at 7. Route finding from there is easy. Take Brown to the Apache Trail, turn left and ride until the pavement turns to dirt. Turn around and return, three cue sheet entries for 70 miles of riding!
The Team at the End of Pavement
We rode in a paceline until we hit the hills then our little group split and regrouped several times (Canyon Lake, EOP, Marina for water refills).

Scott set a tremendous pace returning on the Apache Trail with us mere mortals hanging onto his wheel by a thread!

When we reached Brown on the return I bid the group farewell and enjoyed a more modest pace back home. I rolled into the garage at 1:15 pm. 

Great day on the bike!

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